For all employers, Lawspeed offers a single point of contact to access agency worker supply chain audit services, employment and engagement contracts of all kinds as well as policies, employee management and legal support.

Call us to discuss any particular service, or get answers to your questions through our telephone helpline. 

 Particular services or products include:

  • Supply chain - A top to bottom audit of your agency worker supply arrangements.
  • Employment Contracts Each contract is tailored to suit. Contracts address full and part time working arrangements and can be adjusted to add differing levels of protection, during and post-employment. 
  • Employment Policies - Our policies (which can be provided either as individual policies or as an employee manual) are designed to complement our employment contract, working in tandem to give maximum protection. 
  • Fixed cost review service – A review of your employment contract to establish the level of protection it provides your business when an employee leaves.
  • Staff management - Good personnel management is key when employees are failing, so you need someone on your side with a good understanding of employment issues, how people tick, and commercial reality. This requires a particular "psychology" approach. We have experts in this area, and can help with staff management in this way.
  • Claims support and tribunal representation - We have been representing clients in relation to claims since our inception and all our staff engaged in this area are qualified lawyers. We have a significant track record of success and our rates are highly competitive.
  • Social Media - Whilst extremely popular, social media is the biggest single threat to employers, threatening efficiency at work, confidentiality and job security. Having the right policy is crucial. We offer workshops, to explore and identify the issues that could affect your business, contract terms and policies to suit your particular operations.
  • Sales Team contracts - Drafted with commission and bonus arrangements built in.
  • Consultant contracts - For use with a temporary or interim supply arrangement.
  • Managed Services Terms - Where you are taking on responsibility for management and delivery of a specific project, it is important to understand all the angles (whether relating to relationships, key performance indicators, or liabilities), so that they do not interfere with payment terms. We offer advice and can draft the necessary documentation to help ensure you your project runs smoothly.
  • Internet website terms of use and privacy policies - We provide advice and drafting to capture the issues that you need to protect your business’ online presence.

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