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Have you protected your crown jewels? Get advice from the experts

Your contacts and business information are your crown jewels, but how easy is it for your employees to steal them or try to poach your staff or set up in competition with you? As specialists in recruitment and employment law, Lawspeed is ideally placed to advise recruitment businesses how best to protect their interests when an employee leaves.

Lawspeed’s employment contract review service

Making sure that you have appropriate protection built into your employment contracts will restrict a departing employee from soliciting clients, poaching your key staff and agency workers, using information held on your CRM system or setting up in competition. 

Benefits of our fixed cost service:

  • Examines your employment contracts
  • Reports on the level of protection your current employment contract provides your business when an employee leaves
  • Highlights areas where protection could be improved
  • Advises on the security of your information, including social media
  • Available at a fixed cost*

*subject to our usual terms of business 

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