Personnel Management

When things go wrong with an employee, you need someone on your side who understands all the issues. Lawyers will typically approach problems by advising on the legal steps to take. Whilst Lawspeed can also help with claims representation, we believe that before it comes to a claim, your preferred course would probably be to retain your employee, or at least explore the options first given your investment in their success. After all we recognise that employees are probably your biggest single investment.

Our process for you would be to

  • ascertain the source of the difficulty and
  • advise on the potential of turn around

Thereafter should the position be irrecoverable we would advise on how best to resolve it to achieve the easiest possible conclusion to the employment. This requires

  • specific expertise in interviewing technique
  • a good understanding of the legal issues

These are areas that Lawspeed excels in. 

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