Agency Fee Recovery

Most transactions between agencies and clients are concluded without problems, but fee disputes and ‘back door hires’ are increasingly a regrettable fact of life for recruiters.

Lawspeed’s fixed price Agency Fee Recovery (AFR) service is designed to help agencies recover unpaid introduction and transfer fees using a streamlined 'recruitment specific' process. As sums are usually recovered without any need for litigation, this is a high value low cost service.

Benefits of AFR 

  • Designed by the UK’s best known recruitment law specialists
  • Low Fixed price and percentage charge
  • Swift appraisal, cost effective and efficient fee recovery
  • Twenty years’ experience of dealing with agency fee disputes
  • Supports all client facing terms, including our own recommended terms, and those from REC, APSCo etc
  • Proven track record with more than £500k recovered on behalf of clients since 2014

We were highly impressed by Lawspeed’s support in a complex fee dispute case they handled for us in 2015, where the outcome was a resounding 100% success”.

David Leyshon, Chairman of the engineering recruiter CBS Butler. Comment following dispute over 160 supplied contractors.

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