Compliance is a strangely negative concept as it implies a rigid compulsion with rules, yet we believe compliance should be an asset not a burden. Follow our ICE (Intelligence, Choice, Energy) principles and you can’t go far wrong.

Intelligence. Understand how legislation applies to the various elements of your organisation and also what is necessary to meet your business objectives from a practical perspective. This usually requires expert input. Avoid advice from sources that have no established credentials.

Choice. Learn from intelligence the available options for meeting regulatory requirements and how those options can work in practice to help ensure compliance. Then make policy decisions based on the choices made.

Energy. Make the effort to set up processes following policy decisions, and regularly monitor them.

Lawspeed provides the intelligence to help you make the right choices, create policies and set up the processes. If you are interested in this critical area, call Ravi Murphy on 01273 236236. There's plenty we can help you with.

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