Lawspeed templates - FAQs

Surely you can find these or similar terms elsewhere? Unlike law firms that  draft documents using templates from books, all Lawspeed templates have been created by us from scratch specifically to meet the needs of the recruitment industry. This means we know the angles and traps.

How does Lawspeed know what to include?  The answer is from years of experience in working within the recruitment industry seeing every kind of problem, understanding the legislation that affects operations, and combining it with specific legal drafting skills from over 30 years of drafting practice.

The terms sound complicated, how will I know what they mean? Our templates usually come with a notes version, explaining the purpose, the reasoning behind any given clause and any options for it. You keep the notes version so you have the answers at your finger tips, and use the clean formatted version excluding the notes with your clients and candidates. You can also get answers through our normal helpline support.

This sounds like a 'one fits all' approach - how can this work for my business? It is true that the four principles behind the drafting are the same for every contract, but that is as far as 'one fits all' goes. Unlike other model terms, the look and feel of each contract can be changed to suit, although we go to great lengths to format the documents to look good; each template reflects the specific range of business to be undertaken so you don't have a mass of complicated options to choose from, can include your own branding, and can be tailored to include any aspect you want covered off. But the basic principles are always included.

What if the law changes, will my contracts be out of date? No, most terms are supported under our unique contract maintenance scheme under which we continuously update the terms whenever legal or commercial issues require it. This keeps your protection in place. Signing up to the scheme is optional, although we would strongly recommend it. Support is supplemented by our ongoing service team.

What is so different about Lawspeed templates? The answer is simple - the benefits far outweigh the nominal cost. This is because they really work to protect business. Used by literally hundreds of successful companies these terms are so good that they have never been defeated (i.e. to our knowledge no Lawspeed client has ever lost money when relying upon them), yet are easy to use and are client acceptable

  • - they are designed with efficient processes in mind to save administration and overheads. So, for example, if it is possible to avoid the need to chase up signatures from the other party, Lawspeed contracts include appropriate provisions.
  • - they save money. The strength of Lawspeed terms, crucially, prevents claims from arising in the first place. This point is so effective that top insurers now offer a 25% discount off premiums to those companies that use Lawspeed operating contracts.    

So how much do Lawspeed contracts cost? A lot less than you might think and a fraction of the cost of drafting new bespoke and possibly inadequate terms. If you take advantage of the insurance discount you may even find yourself in credit, meaning the cost is less than zero!