Up to 35% Discount on Recruitment Insurance

At Lawspeed we are proud to provide industry-leading terms of business (contract templates) for recruitment consultancies. Our sophisticated terms are all designed to protect your fees and minimise your liability. To our knowledge they have never been successfully challenged, leaving our clients using these terms in the strongest possible position.

In recognition of the reduced commercial risk enjoyed by our clients, a leading recruitment business insurer is offering Lawspeed clients a 25% discount on insurance premiums, whether they use our template terms or their own terms are reviewed and approved by us. 

Furthermore this can be increased to 35% for Lawspeed clients that are also members of the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) - the recruitment industry organisation with which we partner. For more on the ARC please see its website.

These discounts mean that the net effect of your use of Lawspeed terms of business is likely be free of charge.

The package cover includes:

  • - Professional indemnity
  • - Commercial Combined
  • - Public liability
  • - Agency worker and employment claims
  • - Multiple additional areas of cover

The available discounts are:

  • - 25% discount for recruiters that are Lawspeed clients with Lawspeed terms, or terms approved by Lawspeed, OR
  • - 25% for members of ARC
  • - 35% discount for recruiters that are both Lawspeed clients as above and members of ARC

Additional benefits

  • - Interest free credit paid over 10 monthly instalments
  • - Indemnity to principals included

    To apply for the discount, talk to us about acquiring Lawspeed terms of business (contract templates) (you can check out our FAQs) and/or our client terms review services. Either email your details to info@lawspeed.com, or call 01273 236236

    See also the reasons why it makes sense to join ARC.