Modern Slavery Compliance

From April 2016 all businesses with an annual turnover above £36m were obliged by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA) to publish Slavery and Human Trafficking statements (SHTs), setting out the steps that they have taken to combat modern slavery within their businesses and supply chains (including the recruitment agencies they use).

Public sector hirer scrutiny 

As a result, recruiters supplying labour are finding their businesses under increasing scrutiny from larger hirers, who need to demonstrate the steps that they have taken to minimise the risk of modern slavery occurring within their supply chains.

The Modern Slavery (Transparency in Supply Chains) Bill, currently passing through parliament unopposed, goes much further. 

When enacted, the legislation will force every public sector organisation to exclude any business without a published SHT from its supply chain.

Recruitment agency exclusion 

Small and medium-sized recruitment businesses will still be under no legal obligation to publish SHTs, but those without one may soon find themselves excluded from tendering processes and their assignments terminated if they supply workers and place candidates within the public sector.

Recruitment businesses operating solely within the private sector will also be affected if any of their private sector hirers supply any goods or services to public sector organisations.

Named and shamed

Recruitment businesses that fail to comply with the legislation may find themselves ‘named and shamed’, while those going above and beyond their obligations are likely to attract praise.

Ensuring compliance

  • Lawspeed can help recruitment businesses of all sizes to ensure compliance and avoid criticism
  • Recruitment-specific advice and guidance
  • Comprehensive SHTs, tailored to recruitment
  • MSA compliant policies
  • Checklists for registering candidates
  • Training for employees
  • MSA supplier compliance audits

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