Supply Chain

Whether you are an RPO or a business supplying contractors, interim managers or agency workers, it is helpful to manage exposure to risk by checking that the parties you are dealing with are meeting the standards that you expect, and your policy and contractual requirements.

There are many potential risks that can arise, some in relation to tax (for example where tax debts or PAYE obligations can be transferred), others in relation to legal rights (for example, the Agency Workers Regulations, or employment rights). It is not a given that representations made to you are always correct.

That is why we at Lawspeed offer top to bottom audit services, capable of identifying compliance and conformity in key areas by all parties in the supply chain. A specific example service designed to help agencies is SPA, which validates service provider compliance.

Our auditors are all conversant with best auditing principles and are trained lawyers.

Call Adrian or Ravi to discuss a programme for Lawspeed audit services, on 01273 236236.