Super Fast Client Terms Review

When you have been working hard to secure new business, and clients want you to sign up to their terms rather than operate off yours, it is crucial that you understand the provisions and thus the risks that will apply.

To help with this Lawspeed offers a super fast review service specifically to identify clauses that could mean that your business is not protected, or you are exposed to unwelcome liabilities. Super fast - because we understand that time is of the essence.

How does this work? Simply register, email the suggested contract and we will review either all or just the parts you want us to consider, highlighting the problems using a simple efficient process that identifies the area of difficulty and suggests a potential solution.

Not every client will negotiate, but understanding the risks or liabilities your client wishes you to take on without delay is key, leaving you able to negotiate or accept terms from a position of knowledge.

Reviews can be priced on a single basis, or at a reduced price for multiple reviews.

Call to register or discuss. 01273 236236