Making placements - the processes

From the moment you start your business it is crucial that you have in house systems in place to capture and record the business you undertake. For example, no one wants to lose a fee because terms weren't agreed with a client in the rush to make the placement.

However the effort in preparing a step by step best practice process and applying it within your business is significant, especially given day to day operational pressures, and the complexities of compliance rules.

Lawspeed can solve this for you quickly and simply by adapting our ready made and proven system to the needs of your business, saving you literally months of work. You will benefit from

  • Comprehensive compliance flowcharts with notes and checks
  • Carefully thought through, effective processes
  • Built in time saving steps, and management overrides
  • Email and document templates linked to your recruitment software
  • Training and on going support
  • Adaptable and proven system

The result:

  • Consistency across your organisation
  • Effective, pragmatic and easy to use system designed by experts
  • Managed risk
  • Maximum fee protection
  • Enhanced capital value

Safeguard your day to day sales operations and take the effort out of your in house compliance. Call us on 01273 236236 to discuss.