Why join the Association of Recruitment Consultancies

Lawspeed is proud to be the preferred legal supplier to the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC), and indeed the association was founded by two Lawspeed directors, Adrian Marlowe and Ravi Murphy in 2009.

Since its creation ARC has made significant headway. On the services front the member area of its website contains a plethora of information relevant to recruiters, including legislation, manuals, briefings and advice notes as well as a webinar library containing all the modules on subjects run by Lawspeed for the ARC.

On the lobbying front, ARC has established real credibility. Its first success was on the Agency Workers Regulations, by persuading the government to draw back from its excessive plans. ARC still works hard to further limit the impact. ARC also ran a successful campaign in 2010 to stop the blackmail effect of claims to Employment Tribunals, again acted upon by government. It has a wide range of current campaigns, all of which are designed to strengthen the platform for successful recruitment operations, for example to stop agency workers being able to claim employment rights against hirers, to limit pay when paid clauses used by RPO (recruitment process outsource, or master vendor) organisations, and much more.

Since 2009 ARC membership has grown exponentially. Why not add your weight to an organisation determined to work for recruiters, and take advantage of the many benefits? See more about ARC here.

To join the club - call 01273 777997 or email info@arc-org.net with your details.