SPA  -

Service Provider Accreditation

"Independent accreditation that all can rely upon"

SPA is an independent accreditation for umbrella companies and service providers offering payroll and candidate payment services to recruitment businesses and hirers. 

Accreditation follows a successful audit by our sector expert lawyers that validates the arrangements that you have in place for payment of an individual worker. It offers clarity in this confusing arena by

  • identifying the operating company and group companies by individual company names
  • identifying and validating each method of operation by each company distinctly 
  • providing a summary report, available to your agency and hirer clients on request.

The audit considers any method of operation and structure, and checks compliance in line with contemporary tax and payment rules as well as rights (such as Agency Worker Rights) relevant to the supply of contractors or individuals. 

Accreditation is confirmed by a certificate of compliance and use of our SPA logo, widely recognised by contractors and recruitment agencies in the UK, providing you with instant market advantage over your unaccredited competitors. It applies to group and/or individual company arrangements.

You achieve 

  • professional validation of your compliance
  • independent assurance for hirers, workers and agencies
  • use of widely recognised logo indicating compliance
  • instant advantage in a crowded market place.
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