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Agency Workers Regulations 2010

On 1st October 2011 agency workers acquired enhanced rights to equal pay, working time, and holidays as well as to access to facilities at the hirer site. The rights are given under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (see AWR basics for a brief synopsis of the law).

The Regulations are complex and difficult with a significant risk that the unwary may be caught out. To help our clients reduce risk, devise strategy and retain commercial competitiveness we offer a Total AWR Support service.

Lawspeed also offers bespoke advice and guidance in a number of formats - including seminars with a focus on practical advice, face-to-face meetings, internal training courses and tailored briefings for agencies, consultants and their hirer clients.

Lawspeed has a significant archive of articles on this subject. Please see our AWR News page for details. 

Click here to view the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

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