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There is a lot of information you need to know relating to legislation, regulations and case law within the recruitment industry. This is why every year Lawspeed has hosted events, such as seminars. This is to provide detailed informative and practical information on a burning current issue relevant to the recruitment sector.

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We are always happy to tailor an event or presentation, whether for internal training or information purposes or to provide explanations for third parties such as hirers and employers. Lawspeed also holds masterclasses from time to time. These are boardroom style events open to no more than 20 individuals at a time. Our IR35 masterclasses have been particularly popular and are now available in the form of in-house training via video call. Whilst the presentations provide detailed information, our collaborative approach encourages discussion and questions that address specific issues that attendees may have, so tailoring the attendees’ knowledge of the subject for their business operations.

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