HR set to hire direct

In an article published in Personnel Today on 4th September the HR Manager of a large hirer of agency workers indicated that once the Directive is in place they intend to hire temps direct from their own internal bank of temp workers. They made it clear that this was not an off the cuff observation but a carefully thought out strategy.

We have regularly warned about the potentially damaging impact of the Directive. As yet none of us know the details of how the government intends to implement the new law, but here is the clearest signal yet that supply agencies could face a serious cut in business.

To alleviate the risk of the above occurring ARC, the Association of Recruitment Consultancies, has put forward a number of proposals. The key ones being that the government should only implement the Directive strictly and not gold plate, that workers earning more than 1.5 times National Minimum Wage should not obtain the equal pay rights until a year of an assignment, and that there should be a lengthy pilot scheme to draw out the problems with any government plan.  There were many more points, but no other organisation has put forward this combination of proposals and ARC remains dedicated to doing everything possible to restrict the potential damage on behalf of its members.

If you agree with what we are doing please join ARC to add power to the voice we are expressing. Call 01273 236236. Membership is not expensive and comes with a number of benefits other than simple representation and it is easy to apply. Crucially it is the future of the recruitment supply industry, and your future that is at stake. ARC already represents some 5% of the industry.

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