Need for a forensic approach to the AWD

What the above two articles demonstrate is how easy it is for facts to be misreported and also how important it is that trade representation is accurate and protective of members interests. The press is always keen to whip up a story but it is incumbent upon those acting for the industry to take a calm and measured approach and provide the correct accurate advice and representation. Confusion must be avoided.

Lawspeed has a huge background in the recruitment industry and a reputation for sound advice based on a real legal and commercial understanding as well as a successful track record in representing to government. ARC’s approach to the AWD draws on this.

ARC does not welcome yesterday’s announcement. The opposite is the case.  Bringing forwards legislation early cannot benefit the industry in any respect. As we have said above, if you agree with ARC’s approach please join ARC to add power to the voice we are expressing. Call 01273 236236.   (Membership is not expensive and comes with a number of benefits other than simple representation, and it is easy to apply. Crucially it is the future of the recruitment supply industry, and your future therefore, that is at stake. ARC already represents some 5% of the industry.)

Call us on 01273 236236.

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