ARC welcomes REC U-turn on supply teachers

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies has welcomed the
decision by the REC not to include a prohibition on supply teacher
agencies from using the ‘professions’ exemption within the Agency
Workers Regulations.

Adrian Marlowe, chairman of the ARC, said
“Having pursued the issue with both the Department for Education and the
REC for a number of months, the volte face indicates that common sense
and fairness has prevailed. Agencies and teachers must be allowed to
operate in accordance with the law without additional and unnecessary
restrictions being imposed.”

“The REC/DfE proposal would
effectively have barred education agencies from operating if they relied
upon the profession exclusion. This is particularly good news for those
more senior supply teachers who may have lost their jobs because
schools would have been forced to pay scale rate under the teachers pay
conditions. It restores the freedom of choice for schools, teachers and
agencies alike.”

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