Will no-fault dismissals help or hinder businesses?

The introduction of the no-fault dismissal procedure in the Beecroft Report is meant to reduce the burden of compliance and encourage growth in small businesses – but could it actually have the opposite effect? The no-fault proposals are intended to lessen the pressure on small businesses without HR staff by helping them to manage the […]

What is an opt out and why is it important?

Opt out’ is a common phrase in the recruitment industry, but who is opting out and what is it they are opting out of? The term ‘opt out’ is a term used to describe the situation where a limited company and the individual working through that limited company agree that the Conduct of Employment Agencies […]

Euro 2012: are you being sporting about it?

Are you allowing your staff to leave early to watch football matches And what are the legal requirements? All the talk this summer is of the Jubilee and the Olympics, but England is also involved in another significant sporting event: the European football championships. You may have formulated holiday policies to allow staff to attend […]

How will the doctors strike affect recruiters?

The British Medical Association has announced that for the first time since 1975, doctors will be striking on 21 June as a protest against proposed changes to their pension arrangements. What do medical recruiters have to bear in mind? Recruiters will know that it is a breach of regulation 7 of the Conduct of Employment […]

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