Consultation on ‘false self-employment’ set to change contracting landscape – seminar

On 10th December 2013 the government published a consultation document relating to the future treatment of tax for onshore contractors. Whilst the industry will comment on and analyse the proposals over the coming weeks, it is clear that the changes proposed by the ‘Onshore Employment Intermediaries: False self-employment’ consultation would if implemented affect all parties in the supply chain, including contractors, umbrella companies, employment businesses and end users.

Effect of proposals

Of significant note is the proposal to create a presumption of deemed employment for tax purposes in certain circumstances. Combined with a change so that PAYE legislation applies when the worker is ‘personally involved in the provision of the work’, and a tighter definition of the word ‘control’ as a test for application of the tax, HMRC is effectively planning to draw a significant number of workers into the PAYE regime.

What next

These are currently only proposals…but they give a strong indication of the direction that HMRC is taking in this area. The consultation closes on 4th February 2014, with the final legislation set to be implemented in the Finance Bill in 2014.

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