Agency Worker Regulations have limited scope to many supplied workers

Everyone knows that the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) apply to workers who are temporarily supplied by a temporary work agency to a hirer. No doubt hundreds of hirers have paid higher comparable rates to their agency workers following implementation of these regulations, whilst others have used various methods to avoid paying those rates. But need all those hirers, and their supplying agencies, take those steps?

“No” says Adrian Marlowe, MD of the recruitment law specialist Lawspeed. “Following our research into recent case law, the Agency Workers Directive in the EU and the UK regulations it is clear that a significant number of individuals currently supplied to hirers do not in fact qualify for the rights even after the 12 week qualifying period. Those rights therefore are being afforded unnecessarily, leading to wasted administration and higher costs.

He concluded “With carefully prepared compliant contracts and processes in place the impact of the AWR can be minimised.”

Supported by Lawspeed’s guarantee of professional service operated since 1997 the Lawspeed advice and contracts portal is available to all recruitment businesses. As well as having hundreds of agency clients, Lawspeed provides the legal support for the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC), which fought a hard and successful campaign to limit scope of the AWR in 2009/10 based on careful research into the Directive.

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