ARC delighted other trade associations support RPO ‘pay when paid’ campaign

on an article in Recruiter magazine on 28th July (“Recruitment bodies
welcome new Small Business Czar”), Adrian Marlowe, Chairman of the
Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) said “We identified ‘pay
when paid’ and other related unfair payment clauses in RPO contracts as
an issue that government urgently needed to address back in 2011 against
the backdrop of growth in the RPO market. Since then we have
consistently lobbied for the government to legislate because of the
ongoing negative consequences of this aspect of the RPO model.”

“I am glad that the government has signalled its willingness to put
this inherent systemic issue on the table. It is in the interests of the
recruitment industry that these types of clauses and other unfair
payment provisions should fall within the remit of the new small
business commissioner initiative and I am pleased to see that APSCo and
the REC agree this should be addressed.”

ARC is the only recruitment trade association named in the ‘small
business commissioner’ consultation document published on 26th July
2015. Referring to this, Marlowe continued “It is noteworthy that the
proposals for the commissioner’s scope reflect our input. There is now a
reasonable prospect that our campaign will succeed, but much more work
needs to be done to ensure that the government does adopt the principles
and that any new rules work well without creating further anomalies.
Given the government’s focus on helping disadvantaged businesses, we are
cautiously optimistic.”

Information about ARC can be found at ARC supports the appointment of a small business commissioner – see ARC’s other article on this

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