Online court could become a reality

A recent review into the court system has recommended the introduction of an online court for straightforward claims of less than £25,000 in value, with the intention that claims and evidence could be submitted online for consideration by a judge. Whilst this is just a recommendation, if implemented it could enable parties to submit claims and evidence online and receive resolution by judges, thus reducing the cost of litigation and providing parties with better access to justice.

A more simplified route to recovery of fees in straightforward low value cases may be welcomed by recruiters, particularly where it may not always be financially viable to pursue a claim, however the downside is of course that contractors may see the same benefit.

Sofie Lyeklint, Legal Consultant at Lawspeed said “an online court would of course only apply to claims that reach that stage, and good advice at an early stage can in many cases prevent the need for court proceedings, along with potentially salvaging a client relationship which may not be sustainable once legal proceedings commence”.

Lawspeed offers a dispute resolution service to agencies that is swift, forthright and available at a fixed price. As specialist legal services providers to the recruitment industry for nearly two decades, at Lawspeed we know how fee disputes can typically occur and what to look out for, and how to rectify situations effectively whilst seeking to minimise potential damage to future client relationships.

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