Seminar on Regulation of the Umbrella Company Market

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At the beginning of June, the government published the long-awaited consultation on the regulation of the umbrella industry. However, there is concern that the proposals target employment businesses and hirers rather than umbrella companies, which could negatively affect a vibrant recruitment and contractor supply industry.

Join us to hear from the government departments involved in the consultation and to participate in discussions around the proposals. Lawspeed speakers will present the pros and the cons as well as the legal ramifications and options available. However your opinion is important; are there other ideas that could work better, how would you address the issues that are referred to in the consultation, and how could the proposals, if adopted, affect your business?

This is your chance for the authors of the consultation to hear your view, and to inform our response to the proposals. There is not much time – the consultation is set to end on 29th August 2023.

Consultation on how agencies work with umbrella companies
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