Consultation on how agencies work with umbrella companies

Consultation on how agencies work with umbrella companies

The name of the current consultation ‘Tackling non-compliance in the umbrella company market’ suggests that the subject is the regulation of umbrella companies. However, the proposals, if adopted, will directly impact the operations of recruitment supply businesses. Do recruitment businesses want more rules and risks?

If you like the idea of

  • penalties for failing to undertake due diligence (what is that?) before and during engagement of an umbrella company
  • being required to accept liability for the umbrella’s tax debt
  • having to take direct responsibility for your umbrella workers tax

then you need not be concerned. Otherwise, have your say and come to our seminar on 27th July.

Lawspeed is holding a seminar in Central London on 27th July 2023 covering this consultation, with representatives from Department of Business and Trade (DBT) and HMRC/HM Treasury speaking

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