Replacing Workers on Industrial Action

The government has published a consultation on once again removing the restriction in R.7 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (‘Conduct Regs’) on employment businesses supplying candidates to cover those taking part in official strike action or other official industrial action.

Rolled up holiday pay is set for a comeback

Recent government proposals indicate an intention to make changes to the holiday pay regime including bringing back rolled up holiday pay.
Rolled up holiday pay is the name given to the arrangement whereby an individual receives an element of holiday pay with every payment they receive for work performed, rather than receiving payment at the point holiday is taken. This is common in short term, ad hoc and casual arrangements, including where individuals work through recruitment companies and umbrellas.

Employment Status – why it matters

There have been a few cases in the public eye recently relating to employment status such as the Amazon drivers case which we discussed in April (see article here). This indicates that the ground on which status is based could be shifting, so why is that important for recruiters?

Government body finds IR35 too taxing

Last week it was reported that UK Research and Innovation, a public sector body, was required to pay £36m to HMRC for unpaid levels of IR35 tax. This is reported to have followed an investigation into 285 contractors engaged by UKRI as monitoring and assessment officers, and it follows a string of reports of government bodies being caught for not addressing IR35 correctly.

Agency Worker Regulations – here to stay

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) were introduced over ten years ago, and even now are regularly overlooked. There may have been indications that these regulations may not last, but a government announcement last Friday shows that AWR is here to stay, with no proposals to change. When first introduced there were dramatic claims that these regulations threatened […]

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