IR35 assistance

Do you or your clients need help with the proposed IR35 extension?

Consider Lawspeed – experts on IR35 since 2000 

For Agencies:

  • The public sector IR35 rules are to be extended to the private sector in April 2020, making contractor tax liability under IR35 a serious issue for you and your clients.
  • In the past you may have been content to use an IR35 friendly contract knowing that you are not liable for unpaid levels of tax; that position is set to change.
  • Whilst contractors have happily relied upon contractor umbrella and contractor services for advice, designation of IR35 status by those providers will not be sufficient for your own or your hirer’s protection.
  • The law will make you or your hirer liable. Getting it right will require a new approach.
  • What can you do to secure your contractor flow and keep your clients happy?

For hirers – HR and Agencies:

  • It’s important to get contract previsions, indemnities, liability and Job descriptions right, depending on the model you use.
  • There is no silver bullet, but a number of options are available dependent upon your approach and the steps you put in place.
  • Take care over the advice you are given. Attractive sounding proposals (e.g. outsource your IR35 contract reviews) will no doubt abound, but may create more problems than they solve.
  • Make sure the source of your advice is independent, with no other interests in play, and genuinely expert.

Since 2000 Lawspeed has helped contractor supply businesses, umbrella service providers, hirers and contractors on IR35, providing expert advice and documentation. As experts in the recruitment industry, employment status and supply chain compliance since 1997 we understand how it all works, and the angles.

IR35 is a legal issue, so we’ll help you understand:

  • How the IR35 rules work
  • The Impact on rates
  • Engagement strategies
  • How best to retain contractors and your business
  • What contracts to use to protect your business
  • whether hiring or supplying, how best to work together 
  • How to set up and create a viable IR35 plan

Documentation and expertise you may need

  • Presentation in house and external
  • Contracts to use, whatever your strategy
  • Full Support

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