IR35 Masterclasses

IR35 and supply chain compliance

Lawspeed masterclasses delivered by Lawspeed IR35 lawyers are online events open to no more than 6 individuals at a time. Whilst the presentations provide detailed information, our collaborative ’round the table’ approach encourages discussion and questions that address specific issues that attendees may have, so tailoring the attendees’ knowledge of the subject for their business operations. Our IR35 masterclasses have been described by attendees as “excellent”, “informative & useful”, “hugely insightful”, and “well worthwhile”, with attendees going on to book next stage events.

Depending on your decision about using contractors, IR35 will impact your business and may bring a range of different regulations into play. See an introduction to the IR35 rules here. Although the masterclasses are shown in stages below they can be combined and/or tailored to suit.

Register your interest by calling 01273 236236 or email to [email protected] including ‘masterclass’ in the subject line.

Available masterclasses


The Stage 1 ‘round table’ session explains:

  • How IR35 has worked since 2000
  • How the public sector rules work, since April 2017
  • The IR35 consultation on extension to the private sector, published 5th March 2019
  • What hirers and agencies need to be thinking about now including impact on policy and contracts

Suitable for recruitment businesses and hirers.


In the context of the new rules applicable from April 2021, this Stage 2 ‘round table’ session explains:

  • The IR35 status assessment
  • Employment status v tax status
  • Use of HMRC’s CEST online tool
  • When asking questions can help
  • How tax follows actions
  • What to do if there is disagreement over a decision
  • What a contractor could do if a decision is challenged
  • Contractual models supporting policy change

Suitable for recruitment businesses and hirers.


In the context of the new rules applicable from April 2021, this Stage 3 ‘round table’ session explains:

  • the consequences of the new IR35 rules (applicable from April 2021) applying to an engagement
  • the limited company opt out
  • regulatory compliance including agency and agency worker regulation
  • agency tax rules
  • self employment v umbrella
  • contractual models

Suitable for recruitment businesses and hirers.


This employer focused session explains the new ‘IR35 rules’ applicable from April 2021

  • assessment of employment status
  • use of the HMRC online tool CEST
  • how tax follows actions
  • direct and supply chain compliance
  • alternative contractual models

This session will approach the proposed new rules from the employer’s perspective, and is suitable for employers, hirers, HR and procurement.


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