Additional support (that no other law firm offers)

Lawspeed is more than just a law firm – in our efforts to support our clients and the industry we do things that others don’t.

Templates – proactive not reactive.

We create our own templates for our clients to use. We are able to do this not only because we specialise in contract creation, but because we are able to gain insight into the many issues that our hundreds of clients face each year. That ongoing and continuous process which we call ‘contract maintenance’ means we are able to proactively cover off emerging risk areas and not have to wait until our clients ask us to.

At the same time our templates are designed to maximise commercial advantage for our clients wherever possible rather than simply address regulatory requirements. This service is proactive not reactive.

Digital is the future.

To make contracts easier to access, update and deploy we changed their format and built a digital platform for our clients to use. Then we went one step further and created a contract acceptance process that doesn’t require e-sign, wet sign or any sign, and a location for all records to be kept in one place, plus a repository for our clients to store their documents in one place. See more at Proterms.

A trade association for addressing the issues that really matter.

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies is a vehicle for representing to government on the issues that really matter to recruitment, and over the years we have successfully influenced changes to government policy. Membership is open to any recruitment business. The objective is not to compete with other trade associations, but to provide helpful insight from an independent legal expert source that understands how issues affect recruitment businesses.

Standards in recruitment.

We set up the accreditation organisation Standards In Recruitment (SiR), the UK’s only independent recruitment standards accreditor. This enables qualifying recruitment businesses to fly a flag demonstrating independent accreditation to industry standards. Amongst other things SiR is appointed as an accreditor by Crown Commercial Services for approval of recruitment businesses operating in the education sector.

All of the above are available for our customers to access and take advantage of.

Lucid Support

We have worked with Lawspeed using a number of their services including their specialist retained contract service and ad hoc contract reviews, they are also the first people we turn to when we have an employment law or legislation related question. The responsiveness is excellent, and we trust their opinion implicitly. We have worked with Lawspeed for over 10 years, so they must be doing something right!

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