Product & services / Additional support (that no other law firm offers)

Product & services /
Additional support (that no other law firm offers)

Additional support (that no other law firm offers)

Our ethos is to support our clients where we can, using the substantial knowledge we have of the sector and its operations. In addition to providing legal contract and compliance support we have developed additional support services that compliment our client’s activities, all designed to make life easier for them.

Why Lawspeed

The things we do that others don't

Templates – proactive not reactive

We don’t wait for instructions to create a document to capture typical agency relationships. We understand the issues and we create our own templates for our clients to use if they want to. These are designed to provide commercial advantages and practical functionality for you, all geared towards securing your business in the most efficient way. Widely used in the industry these terms of business are updated when necessary under our continuous contract maintenance service and supported by our helpline.

Proterms - Digital is the future

Proterms. Taking templates one step further we built a digital platform for our clients to use, with Lawspeed templates or with their own, so all contracts are stored in one place. To make compliance management and acceptance processes even quicker and more efficient we built a track and accept process which utilises an e-sign alternative, with no e-sign or any signature requirement.

ARC - A trade association

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC). This provides lobbying, support and credential services to recruiters. Formed when the Agency Workers Regulations was being created in 2010 the direct result of our lobbying was amendment to the government legislation which ruled out some real problems for recruiters. Since then we have lobbied on other key issues including employment, tax and agency regulation. All our efforts are designed to help the sector.

SiR - Quality Assurance

Standards in Recruitment. This is the UK’s only independent recruitment standard accreditation service. This enables qualifying recruitment businesses to fly a flag demonstrating independent accreditation to industry standards. Amongst other things SiR is appointed as an accreditor by Crown Commercial Services for approval of recruitment businesses operating in the education sector.

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