The Proterms platform – pre demo information

As a Lawspeed client, why have a demo of the new Proterms platform?

Our job is to provide you with best contract terms. Where we see issues arising we build them into the terms so you are protected to the maximum possible extent, and we do our best to make the terms look professional. We also support you with compliance advice and, if needed, debt recovery support. However over the many years of doing this we have noted various issues which can sometimes interfere with best outcomes, for example inputting updates, changing terms in contracts and so on.

We have therefore built this platform to make the whole contract/update/issue/store process as seamless as possible. We have also built in tracking functionality, using the latest technology including our NoSign system. Proterms is activated through a brand new ultra clean dashboard making total contract management fit for the future.

Some points to consider:

The single most important document you rely upon for your business is the contract you have with the other party – it should not only be legally correct, but also look good and be easy to use

We have always focused on your terms of business as being key for both commercial and regulatory compliance. But do they look professional when you send them out? Can they be mistakenly amended? Is a clean look lost when reformatting, e.g. onto a CRM? Are they easy to set up and use?

Proterms solves all these problems.

Updating contract templates should be as simple as possible so that the terms you use are always relevant and comprehensive

At the moment you receive updated templates in a word document with optional areas shown in brackets. Until now this can only be done using Microsoft Word. The resultant effort can result in delay, reducing the value in having the updates and failure to adopt updates can leave you exposed.

Proterms enables contracts to be automatically updated with immediate results. Optional areas can be selected through an advanced interface that makes the whole exercise simple and fast. Leaving it to a rainy day is banished forever!

Having information at your fingertips is key to success

Whatever system you are using, your critical contractual documents and emails sending out terms can be lost, hard to find, and difficult to collate. At the same time, lack of feedback on issued terms from the parties you are dealing with can cause significant wasted time. Whether gathering evidence for a disputed fee or gaining data for everyday use by sales teams and operations management, Proterms collects and collates the key information you need, all in one place.

Amending and adding terms must be straightforward

You can create and issue your own unlimited templates from the master copies you have from us. Changing and reissuing terms you have sent to a client or candidate can be done with a few clicks of a button without having to start from scratch and without having to insert terms into your own system every time. Plus you can set up your own terms whatever they are (not necessarily Lawspeed terms).

Is it a CRM?

No. It sits alongside and compliments your CRM or payment system. There is no CRM that can update your terms, simply because CRM providers are not lawyers. Nor does any CRM provide the functionality offered by Proterms.

No other system provides these benefits, and it saves money

This system is guaranteed to save time for your management, admin and sales teams. It also means you may no longer need to engage with some third party applications, such as electronic signature platforms, or CRM contract delivery functions, so saving cost elsewhere. At the same time Proterms subscriptions are highly competitive (not that there is any system that competes!).

Now you know why we would like to demo it to you! We may be in touch but you can always book here.