Helpline – recruitment, employment law, hr and compliance

Imagine having your own in-house legal department available every day to advise you on operational matters.

Our helpline is literally ‘here to help’ in the fastest possible way

Would it be attractive to have this service for your recruitment operations or HR issues, but without the cost of employing expensive lawyers?

The Lawspeed helpline gives rapid answers to questions across the recruitment, employment, compliance and dispute spectrum. So, if you have a question about what to do next in the recruitment process, to explain the meaning of a clause in a contract, you need suggestions on strategy during negotiations, you have a dispute or employment query, our helpline is literally ‘here to help’ in the fastest possible way.

No retainer or minimum usage is required.

Manned by a team of expert lawyers, this highly acclaimed service is available from 0900 to 1730 each working day.

Costs are charged on a time basis, minute by minute (rather than 6 minute or 15 minute blocks as is normal in the legal industry). Once registered as a client, no retainer or minimum usage is required.

Providing a virtual in house legal department. Contact us now.

We take questions across the board, some typical questions including:

  • Process – What step do I take next to finish this placement? Can I validate identity from a copy passport?
  • Negotiation – My client wants us to sign their contract, how should I handle this?
  • Contractor claims –  no notice given on termination, what should we do?
  • Agency Worker Regulations – How do comparator pay rates work? When do the regulations apply
  • Contracts – what does this clause mean? Can I charge a fee? How do I amend?
  • Agency Conduct Regulations – when can I charge a transfer fee? Can I provide another service to my candidates?
  • Employment –  a consultant not performing correctly, what should I do next? How do I deal with disciplinary and grievance?
  • Holiday leave, maternity – do I have to pay, how much and when?

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