Data Protection & GDPR

The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 have applied since 25th May 2018.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) emanate from the EU but apply in the UK despite Brexit. They set out the main framework and rules for data protection in the UK and the EU. The Data Protection Act 2018 contains refinements applicable in the UK only.

The regulations require all businesses to establish clearly the basis upon which they use information relating to individuals. This means how it is used, why it is used and for how long, and the basis must be in line with the lawful basis set out in the GDPR. Historically, many businesses have simply relied on obtaining a data subject’s consent to use the information without addressing the detail that is now required. This is no longer suitable for the recruitment business.

The Lawspeed total GDPR support package overcomes the need to ‘do it yourself’

The regulations require full transparency and a proactive approach to data protection in a host of different ways including; checking third party arrangements. Failure to comply can lead to significant reputational and financial penalties. As such, a demonstration of compliance has become an important feature of any business activity. Recruitment businesses are particularly affected as all process large amounts of personal data both as employers and the providers of recruitment services. Transactions with third parties such as vendors, RPOs and umbrella companies require careful data protection considerations. As such, recruitment business compliance with the GDPR data protection rules is critical, and now regularly the subject of both hirer and candidate checks.

The Lawspeed recruitment specific privacy notice and our total GDPR support package overcomes the need to ‘do it yourself’ and avoids conflicting advice. The notice is a document you can easily display on your website, whilst the guide, helpline and update service makes sure you effortlessly get to grips with the latest data protection rules. With optional future proofing, this makes compliance simple both now and as the law evolves.

We also provide a client contract review service that checks for clauses in contracts provided to you that may unnecessarily impose GDPR related conditions.

We have been helping recruiters with data protection for over 20 years.

By taking advantage of the Lawspeed service you can save money, time and worry

By taking advantage of our data protection service with all necessary updates you can save money, time and worry.

Recruitment specific services include:

  • Plain English comprehensive GDPR and data compliance guide
  • Privacy notice addressing all individuals you deal with (not just candidates)
  • Data sharing agreement for use with any third party
  • Virtual or actual presentations
  • Bespoke advice
  • Client contract and GDPR terms review

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