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Lawspeed’s specialism in contracts and employment status has meant we have been well placed to help our clients. As a result in 1999 we developed the very first IR35 contracts used by hirers, agencies and contractors alike. These have stood the test of time and remain fully valid today. As an example of the successful approach used, in 2002 the contract terms drafted by Lawspeed helped the contractor to succeed in the very first reported IR35 challenge by HMRC. See the Special Commissioners case LimeIT v Justin 2002. Our approach also enabled us to evolve the first ever IR35 tax expenses insurance package.

Since 2000, thousands of businesses have relied on our IR35 legal advice and auto updated contract templates.

Expert IR35 lawyers

Find out more about the lawyers who lead our IR35 advisory and contract team. Each has a thorough knowledge of the IR35 rules and related employment status but different members of the team are deployed for different advice purposes.

Adrian Marlowe – Solicitor* (1978) – our lead IR35 Solicitor since 1999, Adrian consults on strategy, the underlying law, contractual models, template forms, options taking into account possible models, using online tools, insurance, discussions with government (BEIS, HMRC and the Treasury). Adrian is also responsible for drafting Lawspeed IR35 contract templates.

Theresa Mimnagh LLB – employment Solicitor* (2003, Lawspeed 2005) – heads the IR35 legal advice and contract deployment team. Leads on IR35 seminars and IR35 training. Advises on complex IR35 arrangements, overall hirer and agency strategy, alternative models and related tax impact, contractual models, employment status, use of online tools, representation on challenged IR35 status.

Peter Lappin – MA (law and employment relations) – senior legal consultant  – union representative and employment adviser since 1998 (Lawspeed 2017).  Specialises in employment status, use of online tools, contract law. Advises on complex IR35 arrangements, hirer and agency strategy alternative models, representation on challenged IR35 status. Our IR35 lawyer appointed to assist contractors on IR35 questions, assessments and contract terms.

Andie Bain LLM – legal research and IR35 consultant – Works with the IR35 team to research employment status case law, related statute/regulation, relevant EU regulation, European rules on engagement, conducts IR35 contract and status reviews for hirers, agencies and contractors.

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*denotes qualified Solicitor now non practising

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Lawspeed IR35 track record since 1999
  • 1st legal adviser assisting businesses
  • 1st IR35 contracts
  • 1st win in an HMRC challenge
  • 1st designed IR35 insurance