IR35 legal advice and contracts

IR35 – from 2000 to 2021

IR35 has been in our DNA since 2000. It involves understanding employment status, contracts and how they work, tax rules, application of specified processes, chain supply issues, compliance, risk and liability. All areas of our specialisation.

Wherever an individual operating through a company or partnership is hired the IR35 rules, referred to by HMRC as ‘off payroll’ rules, may apply. These are relevant to hirers, agencies and contractors, particularly from April 2021 when changes were made switching liability and responsibility for assessment, so affecting many businesses.

IR35 legal advice and training

  • Answering the key questions, so helping decision making
  • IR35 contract and status review
  • Checking engagement terms for IR35 impact
  • How to check chain compliance and risk – audit and accreditation
  • Alternative options, models, relevant tax and contract arrangements
  • Insurance policy review
  • IR35 training, e.g. IR35 masterclasses

What is IR35?

IR35 decisions and questions

IR35 contracts

Depending on the circumstances the right form of contract will support an ‘outside IR35’ arrangement, but the wrong form of contract can prejudice the same arrangement.

Our widely used IR35 ‘friendly’ contracts, which accurately record arrangements where there is no deemed employment, have been successfully deployed many thousands of times every year since 2000.

Why use Lawspeed

If there is risk, you need to know about it from a reliable and trusted source. The risk has shifted and where simplified processes that purport to rule out risk may have worked for contractors in the past, these same processes cannot guarantee a secure position where errors and/or negligence can lead to very significant liability.

If you agree that knowledge, experience and independence counts (we never take part in the supply chain), then then look no further than our expert team of IR35 lawyers.

IR35 legal advice and training

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Lawspeed IR35 track record since 1999
  • 1st legal adviser assisting businesses
  • 1st IR35 contracts
  • 1st win in an HMRC challenge
  • 1st designed IR35 insurance