Latest ET stats published – claims up

The latest figures show that the number of claims are up by 56%, a staggering increase, but the number of cases disposed of in the year (i.e. hearings) remain similar to the previous year.

Indications are that the types of claim on the increase are for unlawful deductions from wages and under the Working Time Regulations, for example holiday pay and working hours related claims. Also it is suggested by some correspondents that claims resulting from a particular source, for example airline cases, are responsible for the increase. Either way the number of claim forms lodged in the year to April 2010 totalled 236,100 with the number of heads of claims up from 266,500 to 392,800 (up 47%) giving a significantly increased burden to Employment Tribunals and a salutary warning to employers.

However the government has vowed to cut back on the cost of the Employment Tribunal Service. How they are going to do this, given that yet another head of claim has been added to the list of potential claims as set out in our article above, remains to be seen. The ARC has made certain suggestions to government – see more information on this shortly.

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