Employment Law changes 2024 – are you up to speed?

Employment Law changes in 2024

This year sees a raft of changes to employment law that businesses need to be aware of. Significant changes have been made to holiday pay, flexible working, carers’ rights, paternity, and pregnancy and maternity rights.

The new rules on holiday pay have been well publicised. These consist of pay calculated at a fixed rate of time worked and authorisation for payment on a rolled-up basis for workers with variable hours or who are engaged on a part-year basis. It is important to note that this will not necessarily apply to all PAYE agency workers as some may fall out of scope. However, holiday pay is not the only change impacting upon recruiters and employers. From April 2024 other changes include:

  • Paternity leave rules to introduce greater flexibility over how much leave can be taken and when, and the notice to be given
  • Flexible working will become a right for employees from day 1, with some procedural changes
  • Minimum wage increases and a lowering of the age at which the national living wage applies
  • A new right to carers leave will come into force
  • Greater redundancy protection for pregnant employees and employees returning from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave
  • New duties on employers in regard to protecting employees from harassment
  • Repeal (again) of R.7 of the Conduct regulations which prevents employment businesses from supplying staff to cover official strike action (date TBC)
  • New rights for agency workers, or workers with uncertain hours, to request certainty. For example, a set work pattern or permanent contract (date TBC but expected to be the autumn)

Impact and information

Whilst the main focus of our upcoming seminar on 28th February is on the complexities of the new holiday pay arrangements, and getting the low down on EAS inspections from the inspection team lead, Lawspeed will be explaining each new rule and its potential impact on you. So book your place now to ensure you and your business are up to date.

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