The ARC announces AWR guidance meeting with Dep’t of BIS

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) has announced that it will
be holding a free public meeting and presentation with key representatives of
the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) at the BIS Conference
Centre on 12th April 2011 to discuss the proposed Agency Workers
Regulations guidance.

Open to all recruitment businesses and hirers that have an interest in the
Agency Workers Regulations 2010, the meeting will provide an opportunity for
attendees to raise questions and comment directly to civil servants involved in
drafting the guidance. To be published in draft form at the end of March/early
April, the current proposed guidance is to be open for comment for a short
period following publication. The final guidance is planned to be published in
May 2011 and the Regulations themselves are due to apply from 1st
October 2011.

Adrian Marlowe, Chair of the ARC, said “Since its inception the ARC has
helped steer the direction of the Regulations, arguing against excessive
measures and for a fair balance reflecting the realities of the recruitment
industry. Now that many are awaiting the guidance, it is essential that the
final copy addresses the key questions and provides the necessary clarity, to
avoid misunderstanding and potential disputes down the line. This free industry
event, designed to obtain the widest input, continues the ARC’s work with BIS
towards achieving that aim.”

For more information see or email [email protected].

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