A year of change ahead

The next twelve months will see key changes to the employment landscape, as one-by-one the various measures brought in by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 become law.

The Act represents the biggest shake-up of employment law in a generation. Some commentators have felt that employment regulation has been too much in favour of employees and workers in recent years, these new laws are likely to re-adjust the balance.

Adrian Marlowe, MD at Lawspeed commented: “It is important that employers and recruiters keep on top of the changing situation for the benefit of their organisations.”

The aim behind the Act is to support long term growth through various different measures, including:

1. Creating a better employment tribunal system by encouraging parties to settle disputes before an employment tribunal claim is made

2. Reducing whistleblowing protections so that individuals can only make disclosures on matters of public interest

3. Take forward changes made by the government’s Red Tape Challenge – including the change for future civil claims for breach of health and safety duties so that claims can only be brought where it can be proved an employer has been negligent.

As reported yesterday, the first of these new rules to become law is the introduction of fees to be paid by employment tribunal claimants.

Watch this space for news of other changes before they happen.

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