Highly complex tax rules for agencies using contractors leading to unprecedented risks and liabilities

The tax rules for agencies using contractors are now highly complex leading to an unprecedented range of risks and liabilities. Lawspeed will be delivering a comprehensive presentation highlighting the evolution of the contractor market and the tax consequences of different types of operations at its forthcoming “Taxing Times” seminar on 16th June in London.

“An agency paying its workers on any basis other than straightforward PAYE without expenses tax reliefs would benefit from attending this seminar”, says Theresa Mimnagh, Associate Director. “Our objective is to unravel the confusion in this knotty area, provide attendees with a clear picture of where risks lie with the options available, and assess the direction and potential outcomes from government policy.”

To book please call 01273 236236, last few places remaining.

For more information about the seminar click here

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