Lawspeed launch fixed price Agency Fee Recovery service

Recruiters often find that they
have nowhere to go for help with navigating the contractual and legal minefield
of fee recovery, with the result that some clients think that they can simply
ignore or refuse to pay agency fees.

As a response to growing concerns
from recruitment agencies, Lawspeed has developed a fixed price Agency Fee Recovery (AFR) service, designed to help agencies recover introduction
and transfer fees.

Although many agencies use Lawspeed
client terms of business, which are drafted to minimise the risk of avoided
agency fees, the new AFR service is designed to support all terms.

The AFR service includes advice and
initial contact with the client, through to full court action via recommended
litigation solicitors in the unlikely situation that the client doesn’t pay.

Commenting on the launch of service
Adrian Marlowe, founder and managing director of Lawspeed, says, “As specialist
legal advisers to the recruitment sector for twenty years, we have heard just
about every argument put forward by clients to avoid paying fees, and our
comprehensive, cost effective recovery service usually results in prompt

“We also support more complex
transfer fee recovery cases where our in depth understanding of recruitment law
and successful strategy is a distinct advantage. We have recovered more than
half a million pounds on behalf of our clients since 2014.”

One of Lawspeed’s clients, David
Leyshon, Chairman of the engineering recruiter CBS Butler, said “We were highly
impressed by Lawspeed’s support in a complex fee dispute case they handled for
us in 2015 where the outcome was a resounding 100% success”.

In conclusion Marlowe said “Many recruitment
agencies have given up trying to recover fees owed by clients because they feel
that there is little to prevent or to remedy the problem, without incurring
significant costs. Lawspeed’s Agency Fee Recovery service provides the solution
agencies have been seeking.”

For full details of
Lawspeed’s AFR service please visit
Alternatively you can call 01273 236 236 or email [email protected] for confidential
advice and assistance.

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