Can you rely on a hirer’s ‘outside IR35’ assertion?

Since the onset of the new IR35 rules, it appears that many contractor jobs are now being advertised as ‘outside IR35’. At the same time, assessments of the application of the new tax law rely upon HMRC’s controversial online Employment Status Service (ESS) tool. Are public sector hirers mistaken to rely on the tool, and are agencies caught in a liability trap from which they may find it hard to extricate themselves?

These are some of the questions that recruitment law specialist, Lawspeed, will be exploring at its IR35 seminar: Assessing the impact for agencies and hirers, to be held on 21 June 2017.

If you are a public sector hirer or an agency supplying contractors to the public sector, or you are otherwise interested in the issues that the new IR35 rules have generated, the seminar will be of interest to you.

Theresa Mimnagh, Associate Director of Lawspeed, said “The seminar will cut through the fog and provide attendees with practical advice on how to navigate the minefield of uncertainty that is IR35 in the public sector.”

Lawspeed has specialised in advising upon and providing IR35 related contracts since year 2000. “With a question mark over HMRC’s ESS service (formerly the IR35 online tool), and the prospect that the new law could be extended to the private sector, this is an opportunity to review strategy in the round” concluded Mimnagh.

More information on the seminar can be found here. Alternatively, to book your place please call Lawspeed on 01273 236236. 

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