Furlough update – something more light hearted

With some exceptions it is now too late to start furloughing as the deadline expired two days ago. This is because the 3 week minimum required period before 1st July cannot be achieved after 10th June. This applies except for those returning to work following maternity or paternity leave, adoption leave, shared parental leave and parental bereavement leave, all of whom are still eligible.

The government has yet to publish full details of the flexible furlough scheme set to apply from the end of this month. However, the new rules are anticipated to be out today, so watch this space.

Film fans may be aware that there is an American comedy called ‘Furlough’ made in 2018 (was this prescient (?), but we have no idea what it is like). But for those of you with a few minutes to spare who want more on looking into the future, see here.

Stay Safe.

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