Seminar on Holiday Pay and EAS Compliance Inspections

After years of controversy, rolled-up holiday pay is to be allowed for agency workers and others from April 2024, but subject to complex rules on application and calculation. This means that agencies who supply temporary workers will need to get to grips with how the new rules operate. At the same time, more and more agencies are being inspected by EAS, placing compliance high on the agenda. Knowledge is power. This seminar is designed to provide essential information for recruitment agencies and employers. The expert legal team from Lawspeed will explain legislative changes and new rules regarding rolled-up holiday pay. Recruitment businesses are regulated, and the Employment Agency Inspectorate (EAS) is responsible for enforcement. During the seminar, speakers from the EAS will provide insights into how inspections work and the potential consequences of non-compliance. They will also highlight key compliance areas to help attendees avoid any issues. Lawspeed experts will cover relevant areas of the Conduct Regulations to help attendees ensure that they have their house in order.
Are you prepared for an Employment Agency Standards (EAS) inspection?
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