Lawspeed announces seminars following AWR guidance

The long awaited guidance to the Agency Workers Regulations is to be published in draft form today, and the final guidance is expected to be published early in May.

Ravi Murphy, a Director of Lawspeed, in announcing a series of seminars to be held on the subject, said , “Many organisations have been waiting for the guidance. Whilst we have always stressed that this cannot change the law as it is the law that determines the legal position, it is reasonable for agencies and hirers to hope that the guidance will shed light on certain aspects that could affect their forward planning for when the regulations apply in October 2011.”

“Our seminar series will address all aspects of AWR planning including risk avoidance and commercially realistic application. Our objective is to identify the pitfalls as much as point out the right way to proceed, taking into account all the available information. Since there is no single solution or way of avoiding the Regulations with different options suited to different hirers depending on their make up, we believe that the issue deserves serious in depth analysis. This is particularly so as the marketplace is alive with suggestions, some of which are good and others downright dangerous.”

The first of the seminars will take place in London on the 17th May 2011. For more information call 01273 236236.

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