How important is a good client contract for staffing engagement?

The answer is “very” according to the recruitment and employment law specialist Lawspeed. “A contract should be much more than evidence of a handshake. A good contract should always detail the relationship and what is expected of each party, as well as address eventualities that may arise during the period of the contract. This may sound obvious but it is here that many contracts fall down.”

For example in the case of a contract between a recruitment business and its client, the contract should deal with the possibility that introduced candidates may be hired by another business within the client’s business group, or that the client may hire the candidate through a third party in order to avoid fees. “With the evidence pointing to back door hire becoming ever more prevalent, it is critical that liability for fees is fully addressed, and that the contract contains suitable terms including an acceptance mechanism that avoids dispute.”

With fee protection high on the list of recruitment business priorities, Lawspeed client contract templates when used correctly are designed to capture both the deal and the eventualities. “Never to our knowledge overturned in a dispute, these terms provide real security. When backed up with our streamlined AFR (agency fee recovery) service, the outcome is maximum peace of mind. No other organisation can claim 22 years of specialist experience and an effective contract and support service such as this.”

Lawspeed client contracts and AFR services are an example of a wide range of support services that Lawspeed offers to its recruitment clients. For those signing up to client own contracts Lawspeed provides a comprehensive review and adapt service, and for those worried about their terms but unwilling to change provider, for example where they use trade association templates, Lawspeed provides a review and amend service to strengthen terms and minimise risk. The same applies to candidate contracts, at all times saving cost, risk and administration.

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